Ask me a Question

This page was inspired by Grahame Grieve and Keith Boone.  Simply post a comment on this blog article with your question or topic suggestion below.  I'll either answer it in a followup comment, or write a post on it.

The rules are simple:
  • Topics I'll cover include anything in my banner above...
    • (Please do not ask me questions about my employer's products. While I may sometimes be the right person to answer these, this blog is not related to my employment, and isn't the proper channel to ask or respond to those questions. If uncertain, you can always contact me directly).
  • All questions and suggestions posted are subject to this Blog's Policies.  
  • If I don't know or cannot otherwise answer your question, I'll let you know.  
  • Questions are not necessarily answered or addressed in the order received.
Note: Due to changes in Blogger platform. The way that you leave a comment is to use the "G+1". It says you will be "Publicly Recommending", but it is actually just going to post your comment to your google plus readers. The control will likely pick "Public" as the audience, you can remove that and put in my name "John Moehrke". If you have no one listening to your google plus feed, then it goes to nowhere else. Sorry, but this seems the way that Blogger wants to support comments.